Our Experience

Everyone has an estate, but not everyone has a plan.  Every adult needs to have an estate plan.  Estate planning will not only make your own life easier, but also provide guidance to your family and caregivers if you are unable to communicate your own wishes due to disability or death.  This becomes even more important when you have dependants, such as young children. Our lawyers understand your needs at every stage of your life and, with our knowledge, can assist you with putting in place a deliberate and thoughtful strategy that works for your circumstances.  Our team can handle the legal aspects of this strategy:

  • Drafting your Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive.
  • Supporting you and your other advisors (financial advisors, tax planners, and insurance professionals, etc.) at different stages in the life cycle of your estate plan.  This may include reviewing insurance strategies, assessing assets, tax planning, and providing advice on options and risks.
  • Establishing what sort of inheritance you need to leave for your dependants or others in your life.
  • Assisting you with complex issues, such as second marriages, split families, appointment of executors and decision makers, to help you structure your estate plan appropriately.
  • Gift planning for charitable or non-profit organizations.
  • Assisting with business transition plans to facilitate a successful transition of your business to the next generation.