Our Experience

Environmental and Natural Resources law governs how people and entities use parts of the environment. This includes sunshine, wind, water, soil and underground minerals and substances, such as oil and natural gas. Canadian environmental law creates obligations, responsibilities, and potential liabilities respecting the use and protection of such parts of the environment. 

Environmental and Natural Resources law is broader than compliance with the environmental regulatory regime. It also includes Energy and Mining Law. Energy and Mining law includes all aspects related to the exploration and development of natural resources. This includes matters such as: 

  • who owns the natural resource; 
  • how one may acquire the rights to explore for and develop the natural resource;
  • how the development is financed; and 
  • the sale or use of the natural resource or the energy extracted from such natural resource.

McDougall Gauley LLP’s Energy and Mining team and its Environmental law sub-team have extensive experience in each of these areas. We act for a wide range of clients including both publicly traded and private companies, mineral rights owners, surface rights owners, service companies, and developers.